Election Day For President Day 2020

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When the Election Day For President Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day For President Day

Election Day For President Day
Election Day For President Day

2020 US Election Day For President Day, scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020, is the 59th US presidential election of four years. Voters elect presidential electors who elect either a new president and vice-president or re-elect their incumbents on December 14, 2020. If no candidate receives at least 270 electoral votes required for the electoral victory, the US House of Representatives selects the president from among the three candidates with the highest number of votes, and the United States Senate elects the vice -president among the highest candidates. The series of elections and presidential assemblies are expected to be held in the first half of Election Day For President 2020. This nomination process is also an indirect election in which voters select a list of delegates for the party nomination convention. by choosing the candidate for the presidency of their party and their vice-president at Election Day For President 2020.

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has launched a re-election campaign for Republican primaries in Election Day For President 2020. Several state organizations of the Republican party have canceled their primaries to support his candidacy. Twenty-seven major candidates launched campaigns for the nomination of Democrats, which took place in the period following the reform of American politics to the largest number of candidates from each political party Election Day For President 2020. The winner of the 2020 presidential election is to be inaugurated on January 20, 2021.


As in 1972, Iowa will host the first presidential nominating contest in 2020. The caucuses will be held on February 3rd. Subsequently, competitions will be held in February in other traditionally preferred states of New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Super Tuesday will follow March 3rd. This date will be even more important in 2020 as California will resume its traditional primary level of June. At the end of March, demonstrations covering more than 50% of the delegates of each party took place. The Democratic Convention will be held in July and the GOP will follow in August. The 2020 presidential elections are scheduled for November 3rd.

State DemocraticTypeRepublicanType
Iowa February 3 CaucusFebruary 3Caucus
New Hampshire February 11 PrimaryFebruary 11Primary
Nevada February 22CaucusCancelledN/A
South Carolina February 29PrimaryCancelledN/A
Alabama March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
American Samoa March 3 CaucusMarch 24Caucus
Arkansas March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
California March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
Colorado March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
Democrats Abroad March 3 PrimaryN/AN/A
Maine March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
Massachusetts March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
Minnesota March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
North Carolina March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
Oklahoma March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
Tennessee March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
Texas March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
Utah March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
Vermont March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
Virginia March 3 PrimaryMarch 3Primary
IdahoMarch 10 Primary March 10   Primary
MichiganMarch 10PrimaryMarch 10Primary
MississippiMarch 10PrimaryMarch 10Primary
MissouriMarch 10PrimaryMarch 10Primary
North DakotaMarch 10CaucusTBDConvention
OhioMarch 10PrimaryMarch 10Primary
WashingtonMarch 10PrimaryMarch 10Primary
Northern MarianasMarch 14CaucusMarch 17Convention
ArizonaMarch 17PrimaryCancelledN/A
FloridaMarch 17PrimaryMarch 17Primary
IllinoisMarch 17PrimaryMarch 17Primary
GeorgiaMarch 24PrimaryMarch 24Primary
Puerto RicoMarch 29PrimaryMarch 8Primary
AlaskaApril 4PrimaryMarch 3Convention
HawaiiApril 4PrimaryMarch 10Caucus
LouisianaApril 4PrimaryApril 4Primary
WyomingApril 4CaucusMarch 14Convention
WisconsinApril 7PrimaryApril 7Primary
ConnecticutApril 28PrimaryApril 28Primary
  Delaware  April 28   Primary   April 28   Primary
MarylandApril 28 PrimaryApril 28Primary
New YorkApril 28 PrimaryApril 21Primary
PennsylvaniaApril 28 PrimaryApril 28 Primary
Rhode IslandApril 28 PrimaryApril 28Primary
GuamMay 2Caucus March 14 Caucus
KansasMay 2Primary Cancelled N/A
IndianaMay 5PrimaryMay 5Primary
NebraskaMay 12PrimaryMay 12Primary
West VirginiaMay 12PrimaryMay 12Primary
KentuckyMay 19Primary March 7 Caucus
OregonMay 19PrimaryMay 19Primary
MontanaJune 2PrimaryJune 2Primary
New JerseyJune 2PrimaryJune 2Primary
New MexicoJune 2PrimaryJune 2Primary
South DakotaJune 2PrimaryJune 2Primary
District of ColumbiaJune 6Primary March 14 Convention
Virgin IslandsJune 6Caucus March 12 Caucus

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