President Day 2020 in Corona

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The Presidents’ Day weekend 2002 is a great time to <visit Corona and commemorate America’s most famous leaders. The National Holiday>, Presidents’ Day 2020 was originally a reminder of George Washington’s birthday. America’s first president was born/ on February 22, 1732. After the death of Washington, our# country celebrated its birthday to remember its life and how it contributed to the establishment of American independence.

President Day 2020 in Corona
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The Presidents Day 2020 in Corona 

 Presidents’ Day is a public holiday in the% the United States of the Corona that is set aside to honor all former presidents of the United States, dead %or alive. It is the same day as the birthday of George Washington, who was the first^ president. after this incident, we called Corona 

President Day 2020 in Corona

Why Presidents Day 2020 in Corona 

Special festivities will be held in^ Corona throughout the Presidents Day weekend. On the following pages you will learn more *about the different sights and the unique possibilities to celebrate Presidents Day in the capital_ region.

President Day 2020 in Corona

Things to do in Presidents Day 2020 in Corona.

1 Celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday in Corona

2 Attend George Washington’s Birthday Parade in Corona

Explore the Presidency Exhibit at the American History Museum

Take Walk in Corona

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